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Sankhya Programme Enhances

  • Our franchise model requires low investment.
  • Offers high income potential against your investment.
  • No professional qualification is required for taking the franchise offer.
  • Best value for your money.
  • Be your own boss.
  • Offers you financial freedom in short span of time.
  • Working market is expandable as the age group of the target audience is 4 to 14 years. Long term business.
  • A business with a noble cause i.e. imparting education.
  • The main objective of the Sankhya Abacus programme is to enhance the brain power of the children and remove the fear of Mathematics by making the arithmetic calculations easier. A highly structured and time tested programme available in several countries all over the world. A time tested skill where results are tangible.
  • The programme is offered over 8 Terms, helping the child to reach the grand master level in about 2 years. Each term is independent of the other and skill levels are to be maintained.
  • SANKHYA ABACUS is for your child, the normal child helping you discover the potential within.

SANKHYA ABACUS Major Activities Every year
  • (I) All India competition .
  • (iii) All India Master Franchisee Conference

We provide entire training, technical backup, material as well as the complete business plan for effective set up and management of the franchise. With our guidance you can easily set up the business and start earning money, now. The only pre-requisites required for the franchise are dedication, energy and the drive to introduce this amazing idea in your own area.

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