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Why Abacus Education?

Every parent wants the best for their child, and that includes providing the best education possible. Developing your child's intellect and computing capability is an important task and every parent needs to take special interest in this.Abacus Education is the perfect solution for your child's development. There are many factors that make abacus education the perfect choice for your child. Focusing on the development of mental calculation capabilities of the child, abacus Education ensures that your child understands the basic number system, including base-ten and place values.

Capturing the interest of your child by using colorful beads, the abacus employs these beads making the child use them as numbers, manipulating the beads produces the result.Abacus Education not only helps your child improve calculation but also helps the child visualize the problem and then work out the result. Having been around since ages, the abacus is a universally accepted tool. Abacus coaching can be started with children starting kindergarten till they are about 4 years old, although there is no prescribed age to begin with this form of education.

Abacus Education is provided by Sankhya abacus India and has been providing impeccable service to all its customers since many years. Helping improve memory and concentration in your child, you can see a marked difference after introducing abacus education in your child's routine. With so many benefits, all involving your child's development it is an easy choice to make. Abacus education is a boon for children as it prepares them right from the start and makes them an able member in today's competitive world. So don't wait any longer and start abacus coaching for your child, today.

Abacus Education for brain development

The brain can be divided into two segments, the left brain which controls the reading, writing, logical thinking and reasoning skills and the right brain which is responsible for artistic senses, creativity and three dimensional visualization skills. Honing both parts of the brain is very important and focus on only one side will not completely benefit your child. Abacus training does just that, it develops both sides of the brain by making the child use, both his and her hands to move the colorful beads, while visualizing the problem and its solution in the brain.Abacus training benefits the right brain immensely and this has been proven by researchers as well.

The colorful beads and the process of physically solving mathematical problems makes abacus training a very interesting option for children. Benefiting your child in more ways than one, abacus coaching does not have a prescribed age to begin, but can be started for children starting kindergarten up to the age of 4. Abacus training can help your child improve concentration and make solving problems mentally a breeze. In fact abacus training is not a new concept and has been adopted as a simple yet powerful tool since historic times.

The other benefits of abacus training are the development of skills such as photographic memory, as the visualization involved with using an abacus is retained in the child's mind. The fact that mathematics is considered to be a tough subject can be disproved by starting abacus training with your child, who will not only grow in terms of confidence and mental calculation but will also develop numerous other skills such as improving observation powers, concentration, memory and much more. So starting abacus coaching for your child is a smart decision and will benefit your child and let you see a marked difference in his or her development.

Abacus is one of the oldest educational tools used for calculations. The use of this tool is still prevalent because of the numerous benefits it offers. The calculator makes use of batteries while abacus uses fingers along with the mental energy of the user.

In an electronic calculator, the child feeds the number and the calculator provides the answer but not the explanation. On the other hand, an abacus helps to increase your child's mental math skills along with many other advantages.

Abacus versus the Calculator
In Tokyo on November 12, 1946, there was a contest between a Japanese postal official, Mr. Kiyoshi Matsuzaki, skilled in using abacus and an American soldier using a calculator. The American representative using the calculator was Pvt. Thomas Nathan Wood of the 20th Finance Disturbing Section of General MacArthur's headquarters.

The contest was held under the sponsorship of the U. S. Army newspaper, the Stars and Stripes.The American used the most modern electromechanical calculator available then but was convincingly defeated in four out of five contests. The Japanese official was faster and was only defeated in the multiplication problems.

The remarks of the Stars and Stripes were as follows:
"The machine age tool took a step backward yesterday at the Emie Pyle Theater as the abacus, centuries old, dealt defeat to the most up-to-date electric machine now being used by the United States Government...The abacus victory was decisive."

The remarks of The Nippon Times were as follows:
"Civilization, on the threshold of the atomic age, tottered Monday afternoon as the 2,000-year-old abacus beat the electric calculating machine in adding, subtracting, dividing and a problem including all three with multiplication thrown in, according to rajasthan. Only in multiplication alone did the machine triumph..."

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