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Sankhya Programs
Sankhya Abacus Programs

Sankhya Programme Enhances

Photographic memory

Concept of thinking in pictures that can help the student perform better not in just mathmatics but all subject.

Listening skills

Constant pratice of calculating sums dictated by the course instrutor to acquire speed & accuracy in calculation, sharpens listening skills in student.


Teaching methodology in sankhya abacus sharpens the exclusive attentive-ness in student & helps them concentrate better.


Concept of using abacus & flash cards leads to better understanding & grasping power.


Ancient art of mental maths is primarily about arrangement of appearance. Constant pratice improves presentation skill of the students.


At a specific stage in this learing process, the abacus is withdrawn from the student & they are expected to work with an imaginary abacus. Constant practice in this helps sharpen the imagination skills in the students.


Concept aimed at right brain development which leads to better creativity in students.

Speed & Accuracy

This program is all about speed & accuracy through constant pratice & the speed & accuracy in the child is improved not just in arithmetic but overall.


Students, at such a tender age are free from calculators, computers and such modern gadgets thereby becoming self-relianct

Self – Confidence

Students with their enhanced skills certainly feel better & more confident about themselves.performance of the child.

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