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About Abacus

Abacus is one of the first calculating devices used for doing mathematical calculations. Initially a flat surface with sand spread across it was used for writing and counting. Later, the abacus transformed and a device much similar to the present day abacus was used. This abacus had grooves for small pebbles, which was followed by an abacus with wires or rods on which counters could be moved freely back and forth was used.

Abacus is an educational tool that allows the children to learn calculations and numbers with fun. The child uses his or her fingers to move the beads on the abacus and this collaborative movement of the fingers and the brain are responsible for creating a pictorial memory in the child's brain. During abacus calculation, the child uses both his hands; this movement spurs activity in both left and right brains, thus initiating the development of cells. All this activity helps in nurturing the brain of the child making him much quicker and accurate in this process.

How to use abacus for counting?

The abacus counting method makes use of four basic processes. The users learn the four processes easily as compared to other methods used for calculations. For success in abacus counting, the users should be aware of rote counting and have information about the concept "one more than" and "one less than".

Children with visual impairments can benefit by learning how to use an abacus. It can play a fundamental role in math education.Abacus can be used without knowing number facts to ten while using the counter method.

Abacus helps in making the child understand number systems. It can adopt itself to any base system, quickly performing calculations such as subtraction, addition, division and multiplication, even with decimal places. If you want your child to improve his performance and truly realize his potential, teach him how to use an abacus. Most of the students find math as a daunting subject but abacus training helps them to master mental math skills to grow their confidence.

Concept of Abacus Education

Abacus education has been around since historic times, though initially just a flat surface with sand spread across it, the abacus has now evolved to a helpful and efficient tool which helps children develop their mental skills. Abacus training is a must for young children, as it helps them visualize problems and improves their concentration.

Making children use their fingers as they count numbers or manipulate the beads to get to their result, accompanied by the visualization in their brain makes abacus education helps young children develop immensely. Also since both hands are used, both the left and the right brain of the child is developed, thereby not only developing his or her logic and reasoning but also creativity and thought.Abacus training can be started right from when your child starts kindergarten till the age of 4, though there is no prescribed age to begin abacus training.

The entire abacus education process has four sub processes and employs rote counting and the concepts of "one more than" and "one less than". These four sub processes can be easily mastered and is much readily accepted by children that age than conventional mathematic techniques.

Abacus training also helps children with visual impairments immensely. Allowing them to use numbers in a more physical manner, than plain visual techniques, abacus education benefits all children. Understanding number systems has never been easier all due to abacus training, which also makes mathematics a less daunting subject. Letting children add, subtract, multiply and even divide, at any base system and even using decimals, starting abacus education for your child is a win-win decision. Allowing children to truly reach their potential, while increasing their confidence levels, abacus education ensures that your child is equipped with all the right skills to face today's world.

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