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Want to make your child faster than calculator?

Most students not only in India but throughout the world consider mathematics comparatively a difficult subject. Out of these, major percentage of students encounters vivid difficulties while solving arithmetical problems by manipulating symbols and balancing equations. A child who gets proper training to counter these fundamental arithmetical problems from the very start is geared for academic excellence at all grades. Abacus training sharpens a child's memory as well as increases the capability for mental calculations reducing the dependence upon calculators. Students after getting abacus education display improved self confidence, listening, attentiveness, imagination and concentration and enhanced learning capabilities.

Abacus education makes learning the numbering and calculation techniques more fun-filled. When students roll their finger to move the beads on abacus, cumulative

combination of brain and finger movements creates pictorial memory in their mind. While using abacus, students use of both of their hands simultaneously and this movement uses both parts of brain i.e. the left and the right brain together that nurtures their minds making them more accurate and quicker.

The abacus adopts itself to any basic system and helps the students to quickly do all the calculating functions like addition, division, subtraction and multiplication etc without worrying for decimal places, exponents and square roots etc. Some national and international level competitions like CAT/ MBA/GMAT/MCAT/DAT etc don't allow the use of calculators in particular sections - that's why the demand for abacus training in India is increasing multifold. Though the utility and importance of abacus has been proved and established but even then many parents and students have some basic doubts about taking on abacus training.

Some of those are:
• The ideal age to start learning abacus There is no fixed age limit for learning abacus - even children in kindergarten can learn abacus.
• Is abacus education beneficial for the students already getting 'A'? Knowledge of using abacus will save their precious time and efforts. The saved time can be used for other skill improvement activities and learning other disciplines as well.
• Won't this create more burden? No, certainly not. Instead, students after finding it interesting and fun-filled apply their abacus skill in solving various kinds of subjective problems.
• How is the performance of students evaluated? Performance evaluation is an essential part of any learning program. The complete abacus training course is divided in short modules. At the end of every module, assessment test is conducted to judge improvement in student's accuracy, speed, analytical capability and retaining power.

With the increasing popularity of abacus in India, the number of abacus training centers is also increasing with same pace. The ultimate results depend upon the selection of the right abacus training source. SANKHYA ABACUS EDUCATION PVT. LTD., through its national network of abacus training centers, is playing a pivotal role in increasing the awareness and use of abacus for mental development of children of all ages.

To know more about abacus learning and finding out the nearest professional abacus training centre in your area, just visit - WWW.SANKHYAABACUS.COM , WWW.SANKHYAABACUS.ORG

Importance of Abacus for Mathematical Development

The abacus was invented by Charles Babbage though it's now being used by the entire world to turn on the mental abilities of young brains. Abacus training sharpens our memory and increases our ability to perform mental calculations. Abacus was designed in such a manner so that the brain visualizes the abacus while performing calculations which automatically activates the right part of our brain especially when we move our fingers over the beads and talk aloud while solving the problems. However, one needs to enjoy the abacus education training process, only then will one be able to truly benefit from the technique.

The energy and abilities of our mind are not limited - it is the master organ which takes all the decisions of the body. The left brain is also known as the digital brain whereas the right brain helps in creative pursuits. Both sides of our brain need to work in sync with each other and that is where abacus training helps us. Abacus training has become increasingly popular in India of late and helps the young minds understand the great number plan on which the universe is being run. The abacus calculation methods help us in learning in number manipulation skills, decimal grasp and digit correlation among other skills.

While electronic calculators need numbers as inputs, in abacus education, children learn to convert the beads into numbers and thus arrive at a result. The chain just goes on, the abacus sharpens the brains and the brain thus gains more expertise in solving mathematics problems using abacus. Even the most brilliant students find the use of abacus a great help while solving problems.

The students can use the abacus training to calculate arithmetical problems rapidly. Later on, the students can also perform the calculations without using the abacus, by just visualizing the abacus in their minds. Abacus education also helps them develop new and innovative methods of mastering arithmetic, rather than being dependent on just the orthodox methods of learning calculations otherwise taught by the conventional education system. Abacus answers the primary need of the students to make fast and accurate calculations.

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